The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Good things don’t necessarily come from a nervous break down, but that’s essentially how Sugarbag Blonde came into being. A cathartic purging through creativity became the catalyst for something beautiful and something filled with energy and excitement.

Nearly three years ago when I first contacted Neil Dorfsman, who by the way is responsible for some of the biggest hits in popular music today, one of the nicest guy’s on the planet and all round top bloke, we had maybe a dozen songs that we felt had merit and that we wanted some genuine feedback and advice on. Neil’s initial feedback was very positive, so much so that we began to revise the tracks with him on an ongoing basis, Neil provided feedback and changes through numerous emails, phone calls and late night Skype sessions over the next 12 months.

His belief in what we were doing really was the fuel that fanned the fire for me to continue to pursue this album and bring these songs to life. After another 6 months of tracking, followed by various mixes, masters, artwork concepts and a pilgrimage to the USA to seek more advice, direction and guidance, finally we had a product to release! (this period is worth an entry of its own… stay tuned)

So here we are, after such a long journey, at what is really the beginning. A first step. The songs are not just songs. They have been given life, and taken on their own life. Each carefully crafted line, tightly woven groove and guitar lick drawn from the aether, a glimpse at raw humanity.

It is my sincere desire that our songs reach into your soul, heart and mind. That you not only enjoy the creativity but that we have a mutual connection through the music. Music speaks where words fail.

There are a few people I wish to thank for making this possible; firstly our other halves, for putting up with our melancholia and manic single mindedness. Words do not cut it. Neil Dorfsman, for your encouragement, belief and friendship. Genuinely, you are the nicest guy on the planet. I owe you my debt of gratitude. Thank you. Michael Chase, thank you for putting up with all my stupid questions, your kindness and assistance has been without measure. Russ. my friend what can I say? Jeff Crabtree, keys master, you are worth your weight in gold. Of course the lads in the band.

Like I said this is only the beginning, we are already working on the next release. I hope that you will join us on this journey, we’d love to hear from you.